vr 21.04.2017 09:30 tot 17:30

The “enclosure of the commons” is a popular topic in political economics and philosophy of law. Discussions about open source and creative commons are just two examples that come to mind. In this seminar, we will attempt to describe what exactly it is that constitutes these “commons” for an urban context. What are the commons of a city and how can artists contribute to these commons with artistic interventions in public spaces? Or better, how do they generate public space by artistic interventions? And, how do they generate common ground and infrastructures by their actions? Which strategies do they follow, and to what (legal, political, economical) limits do they run? How do they deal with authorities, and authorities with them? This ARIA research seminar has the honor to present a distinct international group of visual artists, architects, authors, theater directors, performers, lawyers, journalists, curators and researchers who deal with this liminal civil zone between creativity and criminality.

This seminar is a collaboration of ARIA, Urban Studies Institute and the Culture Commons Quest Office (University of Antwerp), Extra City, Middelheim Museum, Sorry and Valiz. It is financed by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (AP University College), ARIA, CCQO and the Fund for Scientific Research Flanders (FW0). The Seminar is part of the research project ‘Making Public Domain’ (Publiek Domein Maken) of Nico Dockx and Pascal Gielen, financed by Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (AP University College) and CCQO.


Friday April 21

9:30am – Welcome & Coffee & Brief Report of April 20

10:00am – Lecture: PUBLIC, CIVIL & COMMON URBAN TERRITORIES by ARIA & CCQO sociologist Pascal Gielen (Antwerp)

11:15am – Case Study 3: THE RIGHT TO ILLEGALITY by Recetas Urbanas (Sevilla)

12:45pm – Lunch

2:15pm – Case Study 4: ON HIDDEN COMMONS, about shedding light and lifting unheard voices by artist-performer Sarah Vanhee (Brussels)

3:30pm – Group Discussion, with Progress Lawyer Lies Michielsen (Antwerp), This is Tomorrow (Dit is Morgen) author and De Wereld Morgen journalist Thomas Decreus (Brussels), Timelab director Evi Swinnen (Ghent), Agency artist Kobe Matthys (Brussels) & …

moderated by CCQO theorist Lara Garcia (Barcelona) & Middelheim Museum director Sara Weyns (Antwerp)

5:30pm – Closing

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