Susana Rocha

Communication, artistic creation, and territory have always been present in Susana’s work. Portuguese journalist and theater producer, she is looking for the relation between democratized artistic processes, citizens political participation and cultural commons. And that’s how she started her internship in Timelab – part of the Master DAS Creative Producing – Entrepreneurship in the Arts (DAS Graduate School, Amsterdam).
She grew up in a mountain region and her personality is profoundly shaped by that. Her professional path started in Theater O Bando – a home reference of artistic and political principles where she always returns. Working as a local journalist in São Pedro do Sul, she developed a profound connection with the community of that region and started to focus on how culture and arts can be central to a complete process of territorial development.

With Binaural/Nodar, she was part of creating together, and producer of the project Lafões Land of Culture, connecting three municipalities and three groupings of schools on the construction of a cultural program that filled almost inactive theater and presentation spaces. She then integrated Amarelo Silvestre, a theater company with a very strong tour of the shows all over Portugal.

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