Isa Mutsaerts

Isa (1997) is a biology student who wants to broaden her horizons beyond the university and maximize a positive impact on the environment and society. She discovered social entrepreneurship during the Brightminds program of Academics for Development Leuven (2019). Since this defining experience, seeing the ways in which entrepreneurs can have a positive impact on the society has become a personal life goal. Her master in biology at the KU Leuven enables her to approach biological issues with a scientific and critical mindset. Next to a 17-year long scouts membership, of which she spent 5 years as a leader, Isa  enrolls her social engagement through leadership as well as organising and group skills. Isa is an intern at Timelab with the project Knotfactory. She will have a personal focus on the policy and governance of invasive species in a bioeconomy. Furthermore she will play a supporting role in the development of production entities and products.

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